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One of the search terms that pops up most often in my stats is ‘back cover blurbs’. They can be hell to write. I swear, the less words you have to describe your book the harder it gets. I’ve yet to see an author shout loud and proud that she/he loves writing a synopsis. I don’t remember reading about anyone enjoying writing blurbs… and some editors/publishers or contest organisers have the cheek to ask you to tell them what your book is about in one line. One line. Aye Karumba!

Cover design by Wendy Johnston of Bright Eyed Owl.
Cover design by Wendy Johnston of Bright Eyed Owl.

This is why twitter is not for me. 140 characters? You’re kidding!

So far, I’ve written one blurb, for my debut novel, His Brand of Beautiful. The gurus at Escape Publishing left it unchanged, so I have to trust they felt it fit the bill.

Here is my blurb for my new release, The Goodbye Ride, a contemporary romance novella due out later this month.

I’d love to hear if you think this blurb does the job. Would you be enticed to click ‘buy’?

The Goodbye Ride

Olivia Murphy is a woman on a mission. Gracing the front lawn of a house in her Adelaide Hills hometown sits the vintage Ducati motorbike that once belonged to her brother.

Liv wants to buy the precious bike and bring it back into her family, and she wants to seal the deal before tourists descend on her town for the upcoming holiday weekend. Tourists with far fatter wallets.

One person stands in her way.

Owen Carson likes rare and beautiful things and he’s got the Ducati in his sights. Until he meets Liv, and finds himself intrigued by beauty of a far different kind.

The Goodbye Ride is a story about a boy with a secret; a bike with a past; and what happens when they all get together on a birthday weekend. (The Queen’s, no less).

By the way: Do you share my dislike of the word ‘blurb’? We slave over these things. I’m sure there should be a far fancier term to sum up 150 words (or so) of blood, sweat and tears!

9 thoughts on “Blurb-o-mania”

  1. I loathe the word blurb and I loathe writing the horrible things. It’s kind of marketing more than story telling and I’m so not a marketer.

    Yours seems to tell the story, pique an interest, and I think that’s all they have to do. But I’m useless at them!

    I spent hours and hours writing mine – almost doing a psychoanalysis of myself to work out why I couldn’t write it! Then it got changed! LOL.

    Good luck with it, Lily.

    Cate xo

    1. I see the word ‘blurb’ and I think of something fur-ballish the cat vomited onto a rug… (and I don’t have a cat). I might start swapping ‘sizzle’ for ‘blurb’… wherever I see it.
      Leave me alone tonight everyone, I am writing my sizzle…
      They’ll probably bring out the straightjacket.

  2. I like your blurb, Lily and I especially like that it sounds like a story that will fit in a novella. I’ve been burned a couple of times recently with shorter stories that just stopped, rather than finishing. This one sounds short and sweet! (also, have a secret hankering for motor bikes…)

    1. Hi Imelda
      I’m not sure it’s that ‘sweet’ exactly… I think it will come close to 30,000 words when I’m done. I’m almost there. But yes, I’m trying to make sure it ‘finishes’… 🙂
      Thanks for the comment & the like.

      1. I didn’t mean that sort of ‘sweet’, necessarily, more like a ‘sweet spot’. Maybe I should have called it a Goldilocks tale – juuuust right for the length!

  3. Your time phrase tells us it’s short – all happens over the QB weekend, so the expectation is set for a novella. Sounds clear to me. (And yes, I’ll be reading it – loved the opening that you posted a while back!)

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