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I’m Not Counting, Amazon

I have been trying really hard to ignore Amazon’s maths.

When His Brand Of Beautiful launched, I didn’t even know where one looked to find sales ranking data. Every time an author on Facebook posted: I’m Number 1 in skirt-wearing dryads who dance beneath the moon on Mondays, I thought: “great” or “brilliant”, and wondered how the heck they knew that.

Unfortunately, darn-you Amazon, you made it too easy.

I now know where one looks to find sales ranking data. One just needs to run one’s little blue-gray eyes south a tad on one’s book page and it’s listed right there. In bold. You can’t miss it.

And it changes regularly, enticing one to check, regularly.

His Brand Of Beautiful has been in the 100,000s, and it has been in the fifty-thousands. The best I think it has been is around 32,000.

When I first discovered that magical number and told my husband, he almost fell off his chair.

“Really? Thirty-two thousandth in all of Amazon? Are you sure? There must be millions of books on Amazon.”

I immediately went to water. “I’m not sure. Maybe thirty-two thousandth in contemporary romance or something like that.”

“Ahh,” he said, turning back to his paper. “That’s probably more like it.”

But I now know that the thirty-two thousandth WAS for all of Amazon, for Amazon Best Sellers Rank, paid in Kindle Store.

It’s fair to say that my enthusiasm for sales-rank checking has waned, just a tad, as the month has worn on. Yesterday, I didn’t check at all. Oh, okay. Once or twice I might have had a look. A mere glance.

Right now, I’m sitting at 98,376.

I have come to think that when you’re in the 50,000 to 100,000 ranking, little changes make a big difference. For example, my lovely sister-in-law during the week posted a link to His Brand Of Beautiful with a message to her Facebook friends about looking for it next time they wanted a good book.

Before she sent her message, I’d just checked Amazon and I was in the 110,000s. Two hours after that FB post, His Brand Of Beautiful sat in the mid 40,000s.

How can that be? Can a handful of book sales make such a huge difference between being 100s or 50s?? I think it must.

I’ve been reading a bit about Amazon’s algorithms… (must be the best alliteration in the universe that one); and in the end, all that maths defeats me. My brain shuts down.

I think I’ve come full circle in my debut author month. I think I’m back in more of a “let the numbers do what they will and write the next book” mode…

But then, that’s cheating too. Apparently there’s some magical “multiplier effect” that might come in to play when I publish another book… and another…

See? One cannot get away from Amazon’s maths. No matter how one might try!