The Important Things In Life – Cake Making

I have made fabulous progress on Fairway To Heaven this week, my new golf romance. (So far, there hasn’t been that much golf in it, actually). I finished Chapter 8 Thursday night, and am approaching the 30,000 words.

This story, so far, is behaving nicely. Although some pesky squid on the Busselton Jetty, are not! Jenn and Brayden just had a squid incident at three paces… fun.

But writing takes a back seat for me this weekend because it’s my son’s sixth birthday and on Sunday, roughly 10 boys and 1 girl (token girl – she’s coming because she’s one of the ‘real’ guests’ sister)… and those of their parents who feel like staying, are all descending on our house. (Our rather on-the-small-side, rented house, I might add).

So shortly, I’m off shopping for party stuff, like: party bags, lollies, prizes and things from which I shall make cake. My friend Kylie from South Australia is the Queen of kids’ birthday parties. She bakes the most incredible cup cakes and made a ‘boat’ cake for her son last year. I’m not going that far, I’d only set myself up for failure – but she’s given me a recipe that sounds simple enough to make an ice-cream cake, and for the actual ‘birthday cake’ I’m relying on a packet. I’m hopeful of any shape that’s not flat in the centre or squashed.

Here’s Kylie’s ice cream cake recipe:

2 cups of cream, 1 tin of condensed milk. Whip, add choc chips or berries.(anything you fancy really) Line dish with plastic wrap then glad bake. Pour in and freeze overnight. The easiest and the best ice cream cake! Happy Birthday to Mr 6. from us. xxxx He will love whatever you do.

Italics on the last line are mine, because times like this I have to remember the simple things!

Now, the lovelyGracie Macgregor, author of Hearts On Hold, invited me to spend Friday night at her Calypso Bar. I figure with the birthday party hanging over me, a bar is just the right kind of place for me (not to mention, I might need it at the end of this weekend!)

Wish me luck and come visit me in Gracie’s bar if you’d like!