Meet the Naughty Ninjas and win $80 Amazon gift card

Ninjas“We’re six naughty authors…With sneaky ninja powers… (Chuck Norris can deny paternity all he wants, but our mad ninja skills speak for themselves.)

“We’ve started a website…and we’re on a mission to bring you the lurrrve…”


This week the six authors involved in harness the huskies to that big ol’ husky sled and start skiing (or is that sledding?) The ninjas are Rhyll ‘The Lady‘ Biest; Georgina ‘Glitterpants‘ Penney; Sandra ‘CookieFace‘ Antonelli; Andra ‘The Madame‘ Ashe; Cate ‘The Man Eater‘ Ellink; and yours truly, Lily ‘Beanie Queen‘ Malone.


There is so much stuff to check out at it spins my mind. (It does not take much to spin my mind, however). If it’s naughty, the ninjas have thunk it. Or if they haven’t yet thunk it, they’re thinking about thunking it.

And there are launch prizes! You can win an $80 Amazon gift card by signing up for our newsletter (ninja

This is a merkin hand-made by Cate Ellink. Trust me, you do not want to win it.
This is a merkin hand-made by Cate ‘The Man Eater’ Ellink. Trust me, you do not want to win it.

mothers’ honour we will not spam you and you can unsubscribe whenever you want). Sign up before 14 March. You can also win a merkin.

What’s a merkin – I hear you ask? Here is a picture of one knitted by my sista-ninja Cate ‘The Man Eater’ Ellink. If you still can’t work out what it’s for then I direct you to Cate’s blog… Trust me when I say, you’d rather win the gift card than the merkin… 😉

Can I say publicly here too – thank you to the ninja-sistas who did so much work to build our ninja web-sled. Rhyll ‘The Lady’ Biest, and Georgina ‘Glitterpants’ Penney – you guys have true Turtle Power! and you rock! Thanks so much!

We look forward to having a lot of fun. There’s so much to get involved with at the website. You can join us on Twitter using #ninjadiscostick and #ninjapearl and #ninjaladyboner and there are prizes all along the way. You can learn about our books; our craft; the books we love (and hate) to read; and there’s even food and wine tips. (I happen to be our resident wine critic because I drink know the most when it comes to wine)…

Lily Gets Her Ninja On

How many times can a girl be called “Lovely Lily” before she explodes? Lord knows I’ve tried to convince the universe that I have a mean streak three miles long, but the universe refuses to listen. So now I have proof. Absolute proof. Proof thrice over.

  1. Lily %22Beanie Queen%22 Malone copyAccording to the Zimbio Star Wars personality quiz, I am DARTH VADER!!! (Nasty bastard!)
  2. According to this video here, I have a killer high kick, and you don’t wanna mess with me! (Ninja mum!)
  3. And, according to the contract I signed in the disappearing juice of a lemon, I am also Lily “Beanie Queen” Malone, she of the Naughty Ninjas. (Look! I even have my own ICON. Doesn’t it look nasty! Bwhahahahahaaaa.) No. It’s not pink. It’s puce-coloured.


So who are the Naughty Ninjas?
I am SOOO glad you asked! Let me read you our marketing blurb so you can start quaking:

“We’re six mean, lean, silent and deadly… cupcakes. Romantic, fluffy cupcakes who write stuff designed to give you all the feels.”

“WHAT! Noooooooooo. Damn you universe!” *Shakes Fist At Universe*

Reads on: “We write about lurv and naughty goings on, and people should go find our books and read them because our mums all say they are AWESOME.”

*Shakes First At Universe Some More*

Reads on: “We decided to see what would happen if all six author brains pulled together in a tandem effort, like a team of eager but easily distracted huskies tied to a giant, mutant sled.” 

“Ooh… Huskies, hey? I love huskies, and I always wanted to go sledding… all that lovely white snow…”

To Be Continued
(When The Beanie Queen Finishes Sledding)