About dickheads and idiots

I wrote about the Cowaramup Cows here. I have a new book coming out soon and it is set in my hometown of Cowaramup, where there is a herd of about 40 life-size fibreglass cows.

I said in that post something like: not everybody likes the cows, but the cows have been a boon for local businesses in the area, bringing people to our town, and giving them a reason to stop in Cowaramup instead of bypassing us for the bigger tourist towns north and south.

Saturday morning, this happened, and it makes me angry and sad.

When these pictures were posted in the Cowaramup Community Facebook page, almost to a comment there was condemnation of the dickheads who would do this sort of thing. I hate that it feels like incidents of vandalism are growing in this part of the world that’s always felt somehow insulated and innocent of what might seem to be ‘city things.’

It’s easy to think that it is done by ‘kids’ blowing off steam, or ‘the youth of today’. That’s not fair to all the great kids that I know in this community.

Not long ago a memorial was vandalised in Gracetown. It was commemorating a surfer who had been killed in a shark attack some years ago. ‘Kids’ got blamed for that one too.

Who knows if it’s young people or old? Locals or visitors? Trump-lovers or Trump-haters? Whoever did it is a dickhead. Pure and simple.

The cows in Cowaramup are not everybody’s cup of tea. Leave them alone if they’re not your thing. Boycott deja-Moo and the Christmas Fair and any other cow thing. Don’t take your visitors to any park to see the cows.

In my new book, part of the story involves a mystery surrounding the theft of one of the Cowaramup calves. My book is fiction, but I wrote it after a calf was stolen from outside a local shop last year. That time, the calf was taken, not destroyed, and eventually the community got the calf back.

Seeing the photographs of the cows destroyed is somehow worse. Like the surfer’s plaque at Gracetown. It’s malicious. It’s disrespectful. It’s anti-social. It’s dumb.

And I suspect whoever desecrated the surfer’s memorial, or the calf in the park knows this, and doesn’t care.

That’s what dickheads do.


11 thoughts on “About dickheads and idiots”

  1. It beggars belief that people can do this sort of thing. It upsets the whole community and leaves them feeling powerless against idiocy and malicious vandalism.I don’t know if you can appeal to people like that to return them to their site and reattach them and I suspect they are expensive to make.My sympathies to the Cowaramup community.

    1. Thanks Dee. They are expensive to make and what many people don’t know is that the cows are owned by people in the community and businesses. They are sponsored by business so that they are maintained each year with new paint etc, and cleaned. So the one that was broken at the weekend is owned by a local family who I know. They’re really sad. Devastated about it actually – not just the money but it’s not much different a feeling to having someone come into your house and smash your favourite vase.
      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Oh, that’s really awful, Lily. I’m so sorry to see this kind of wanton destruction of something beautiful and significant , especially in your own home town. My immediate question is why? What for? What’s the point? The vandals are scary cats, frightened, lacking in courage they destroy under the cover of darkness and when no one is around. It makes me sad and angry too. The pointlessness of it all, is gob smacking.

    1. I think calling them cowards is spot on, Marlish! Not everyone in Cowaramup likes the cows, but the majority by far do. I get that they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d still think in a tolerant society they should be at the very least just left alone.

  3. I’m angry with you, Lily, having seen these gorgeous cows firsthand up close when visiting you. They’re playful, an attraction to the lovely little town of Cowaramup. It’s more than sad that someone or someones would destroy simply because they think they can get away with it. I hope the culprit or culprits are caught.

    1. Me too Jennie, thank you! The cows have been great for the businesses of Cowaramup, and while not everyone loves them, I think everyone has to admit that as far as building interest for Cowaramup and giving people a reason to stop – they’ve been an absolute boon.

  4. How upsetting! This might sound melodramatic, but my heart did a leap when I saw the broken cow—it looked as if it had been killed. I can’t understand why someone would do that to something that is joyful and fun. I hope the cows can be replaced, and I hope it helped to write about it. xx

    1. I know exactly what you mean about the destroyed cow. I said to a lady today that it is almost ‘better’ when they are stolen. At least then you think someone wanted the cow and has taken it somewhere. This time it had its head cut off – yes – as if it had been killed. Just destroyed. I said above that what some people don’t understand is that there is a local family who own that cow. Families, sponsors and businesses paid for the cows and sponsor their annual upkeep. They aren’t owned by the Shire or maintained by them.
      Yes – it did help writing about it. Thank you!

  5. Pointless wasting energy on these idiots (and those around the world who do these senseless acts of vandalism), don’t make them famous by giving them space here on your lovely site. You have a beautiful little town and most people love it, spread the joy and keep writing your wonderful books Lily and Merry Christmas 🙂

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