Bye Bye Liv & Owen

My novella, The Goodbye Ride, has come off the cyber shelves for a while.
Today, I signed a Contract with Escape Publishing for the book, and took The Goodbye Ride down from Amazon where it has been self-published since May 2013.
Hopefully it will be back in publication in 2016 with a new cover, and maybe a few edits and tweaks. But, it will always be Liv and Owen’s story set in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills over the June (Queen’s Birthday) long weekend.
I also have big news about Fairway To Heaven. Fairway is a ‘Kindle Monthly Deal’ for August. It’s been discounted to $1.09 (Australia), about 72cents in the US. Today it cracked the Amazon Australia Top 100 – which is virgin territory for me.
I took a screen shot to prove it!

Picture 1

It has been a wild, wonderful, crazy week – and there is more news to come for Fairway, but the powers-that-be at Escape won’t let me tell anyone yet 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Liv & Owen”

  1. You are a rising star, Ms Lily! I hope you’re toasting your skyrocketing success right now, and may you keep rising!
    PS. I also hope the rewrites for Ashes are zipping along. (Bet you’ve never seen ‘rewrite’ and ‘zipping along’ in the same sentence before!)

    1. I was almost there on the rewrite, but then all this exciting bookish stuff sidetracked me this week and I haven’t done any more on it. This weekend is filled with birthday parties and kids things and sport… gah! Poor Ashes! Thank you for the gorgeous words!

  2. When you wrote, ‘Poor Ashes’, I thought you were talking about the cricket—about which I’m in mourning. Or as my father would have said, ‘They should be ashamed of themselves …’

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