I was going to write my own #DateNight post – but Monique sums it up perfectly right here 🙂

Write Note Reviews

Romance writers Jennie Jones, Lily Malone and Juanita Kees treated an appreciative audience of more than 50 to laughs, cheekiness and a tad of sauciness at Stories on Stage: Date Night last night.

Part of the Stories on Stage series held at Koorliny Arts Centre in Perth’s southern suburbs, Date Night celebrated the romance genre, with the writers put under the spotlight during a panel interview … with me! The stage was set for the date with atmospheric lighting, a candle and a bottle of champagne, and quiet jazz music in the background. And then, once the audience was settled, the “getting to know you” bit began.

It’s fair to say, there were a few nerves at this point. For me, this was a new experience – interviewing three writers in front of a crowd. Jennie’s no stranger to the stage with her theatre background, but Lily and Juanita had to take a…

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Date Night Jitters

10497093_889192947798785_9222152461982668889_oIt’s a long weekend in Western Australia this weekend for ANZAC day – 100 year commemoration in fact – on a day that draws Australia and New Zealand together like no other day on the calender. Not rugby, nor cricket.

My eldest boy (he’s 7) has told his dad he wants to go to the dawn service in Margaret River. This starts at 6am. I’m not sure yet if they’ll be up and at ’em in time to make the ceremony… that will remain to be seen. For me, I’ll still be in bed, but I’ll remember the ANZACs in spirit.

I’ve been to Gallipoli and to ANZAC cove. I remember it as a stunningly beautiful place when I visited in the very early 1990s. I couldn’t then, and can’t really now, think of the devastation and noise and death that had happened at this beautiful beach all those years ago. I also remember how wonderfully the Turkish people cared for the graves and the area as a whole (they had lost so many sons too) – preserving it for those who had died on their land. It was an incredibly neat, groomed place. Time might have changed some of the landscape there, but I feel sure it won’t have altered the spirit of that place.

On the home front, I’ll be preparing myself for #DateNight! Have I told you about Date Night? It’s something Monique Mulligan who blogs at Write Note Reviews cooked up for Perth authors, Jennie Jones, Juanita Kees and myself. We are appearing on April 29 at 7pm as part of Stories On Stage at Koorliny Arts Centre. Monique will be asking all kinds of questions and I am certain several will be particularly curly.

Just like a real date, I’m trying to figure out what to wear. Beanie or no beanie? Hot scene excerpt from His Brand Of Beautiful or sweet scene excerpt from Fairway To Heaven? And who will do the reading? Me with my awful Aussie accent, or Jennie Jones—she of the acting background with the impeccable Welsh lilt… (I know who I’d rather listen to!)

If you are coming to Date Night, we look forward to seeing you there! If you’re still thinking about it, don’t wait too long. Apparently we three are rather a hot item, and tickets have sold faster than a backstage pass to a One Direction concert… 🙂 Plus, Monique needs to know numbers so she can cook up her delicious treats for supper.

Enjoy your ANZAC day commemorations wherever they may be. From me, thank you to everyone who has fought and served for Australia in war.

I won’t forget.

Happy Release Day To Me

Dear World,

Would you please slow down? I cannot keep up with today!

FairWayToHeavenFinal-harlequin 200_200x315It is release day for Fairway To Heaven – Mark 2 – out today with Escape Publishing. If you’re a regular visitor here you’ll know Fairway was first launched in 2014, but due to subsequent decisions about self-publishing not being the best fit for me, Escape accepted Fairway for publication late last year.

So – Fairway To Heaven – with a new cover, new blurb and a slightly newish ending, is out again today. It’s like having deja-vu all over again.

Amongst wonderful things that have happened today is:

  • a blog post about what makes a house a home with blockbuster rural romance author Je11113188_611761328954918_9085248960645861122_nnnie Jones at her place (so much classier than my place).
  • This great image by the incomparable Rhyll Biest, which won’t mean much unless you either wrote Fairway To Heaven (like me) or you’ve read it.
  • An amazing amount of support from fellow Aussie authors and bloggers, and Facebook and Twitter friends. I appreciate your support so very much. When I got home from work, my FB notifications were at 62. 60-bloody-2, and don’t mention Twitter!
  • Later today, I’m a guest at http://www.readingromance.com/ talking about how I come up with book titles.

So, in the words of Bill Lawry (sorry, couldn’t help a cricket reference) It’s ALL HAPPENING!

Lots of love from my place, to yours



And if you’re interested in taking a look at Fairway To Heaven, please visit this link. Whatever your e-reading option, you’ll find a buy-link from here.