Quote me, won’t you?

So something very cool happened this afternoon: I got quoted! Or – part of my Amazon review of Greg Barron’s 99 cent short story, Voodoo Dawn, got quoted.

lily's quote

It gave me a huge buzz to see my words used like this! I showed my hubby when Greg posted this on Facebook and hubby said: “well it’s an awesome pic of the ship.” (Sigh)

Voodoo Dawn is an action-packed novella starring Marika Hartmann—the butt-kicking heroine of Greg’s novels Rotten Gods, and Savage Tide. Voodoo Dawn is a quick draw-breath-and-you’ll-miss-it read and I’m sure we’ll find that something about this novella leads into Greg’s next full-length Marika book, coming out later this year.

If you have a dollar to spare and you like your books to be more Jason Bourne than Jane Eyre, I’m very happy to recommend this one to you.

Meanwhile, I’m off to look at my quote some more, and those lovely words beside my name: “Australian Author”.

Gotta love it!


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