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Guest post SE Gilchrist: Release day for Star Pirate’s Justice

Tomorrow (February 1) marks the release of Star Pirate’s Justice, a brand new installment in SE Gilchrist’s bestselling erotic Sci-Fi series about a dark and delicious alien race on a desperate quest for survival — and the human women who can cure their years-long curse.

SE Gilchrist is one of the Escape Artists, an author published by Escape Publishing, who also published my debut book His Brand of Beautiful. I met SE at the Romance Writers of Australia conference in Fremantle last year, where we enjoyed several glasses of lovely red wine. Also like me, SE Gilchrist self-publishes some of her work, and there’s more about that later in her guest post (plus the chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card and get yourself SE Gilchrist’s first book in the series FREE).

Welcome to my blog for the weekend SE, and congratulations on the new book! Please tell us more about it…

Star Pirates Justice for web pagesThe Blurb

Carly has one focus in her life: to return home to her terminally ill younger sister. When she learns that a Darkon traitor possesses gateway maps to Earth, she uses all her skills to track him down. But capturing the charming star pirate turns out to be trickier than she anticipated…

Volkar is determined to prove his innocence to those who drove him to a life lived on the Outer Rim, and he will overcome anyone who gets in his way. But his surprisingly sweet captor has some skills that will come in handy, so he strikes a deal: the maps for her help. Neither expect their partnership to turn into more, but as dark secrets are revealed, their lives become forfeit — and the relationship blossoming between them nothing but a starburst of happiness in the deep shadow of the sky…

Buy Star Pirate’s Justice at:

Amazon (US)
Amazon (Australia)
Barnes & Noble

Escape Publishing is offering the first title in this series, Legend Beyond The Stars, FREE from February 10 to 26 at the iBook store. Currently you can buy Legend Beyond The Stars for $0.99 cents at Amazon.

SE Gilchrist’s Self Published Titles On Sale!
As I said right off the top, SE Gilchrist also self-publishes some of her work. She’s reduced the price of her indie published backlist for the month of February 2014. Check out what’s on offer by clicking here.

WIN $25 Amazon gift voucher and 2 SE Gilchrist titles (Legend Beyond The Stars and Star Pirate’s Justice). Enter via Rafflecopter at the link below. (Closes midnight AEST 16 February 2014).

a rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations SE! Enjoy your release week!

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