Sapphires, and Stories

I was really interested today to read on Facebook that Imogene Nix has a new release out, called: A Sapphire For Karina.

The sapphire was the jewel used in the Romance Writers of Australia 2013 Little Gems anthology. I know, because I entered a story in the Little Gems competition too. Stories for Little Gems had to be 3000 words maximum and the ‘sapphire’ had to feature somewhere in the story. Imogene said on Facebook that she has “reworked, expanded the scenes and decided to self publish” A Sapphire For Karina.

My Little Gems’ sapphire story was called Fairway To Heaven, and in the story, the Sapphire related to a brand of golf clubs, Cobra Sapphires.


One of three judges rated my story in the 90s, but it didn’t sit so well with the other two. The important thing though, I loved it. It was my first foray into writing with a first person point of view, and in present tense.

When I scrapped ‘the book that will never be written’ (see previous post), it was to Fairway To Heaven I turned for inspiration. In the last fortnight, I’ve done more actual fingers on keyboard writing time than I’ve managed since May, when The Goodbye Ride novella released.

Now I’m getting a feel for what screenwriters and authors do when they’re adapting story ideas. I’m having fun creating the characters, scenes and conflicts for what was a 3000-word story, out to something that should become a full-length contemporary romance of around the 80,000 word mark.

Someday soon, I intend to post the original version of Fairway To Heaven on this site… although I must admit after a few Facebook chuckles whenever I mention this title, I’m contemplating changing this for my novel to The Sweetest Swing…

If you’d like to make a vote on the title – you’re most welcome!




8 thoughts on “Sapphires, and Stories”

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post, Lily! I love reading them.

    As for titles, maybe when you post the story here we could have a little fun playing with possibilities! ‘Swingers Only Need Apply’ and so on. 😉
    Cheers, Susanne

  2. I remember this story. Seems like just yesterday but look where you are now! I like both titles. But maybe the Sweetest Swing is a bit catchy and makes me wonder…. What is?????

  3. Hi Susanne, Iris & Jenn,
    Thanks for visiting. Thanks for the comments. The way it will pan out, the ‘Fairway to Heaven’ is reflective of a negative period for the heroine (whose name is Jenn by the way, with a double ‘n’ and ‘Jennifer’ when someone’s pissed at her). But the words ‘Fairway to Heaven’ are actually said in the book, which the wonderful Jennie Crusie (another great Jennifer) said matters when it comes to titles. (If the words are actually said in the book).
    Fairway To Heaven is a bit sentimental for me now, but we shall see.
    Hit ’em well, ladies!

    Lily M

  4. 100 for the funny girl! Way to go Lily Malone – you’re just getting warmed up. Looking forward to the 1000th post. Can’t help with the title of your novel though as I loathe golf (sorry) apart from the film with Kevin Costner – now he looked good golfing 🙂

  5. Lily, I love your posts as much as I love your writing. You’re a legend and one of a kind. No wonder we love you to bits 🙂 My vote goes to The Sweetest Swing although I have to admit to liking Fairway to Heaven. C’mon, girl, give us a series! You can do it xxx

  6. The sweetest swing is nice, but I really love the Fairway to heaven. It’s different. The sweetest swing tends to bring something else to mind for me.
    I’m adapting my little Gems as well, but it’ll only be a short story.
    Mine was Sapphire Dragon Queen.

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