Happy Christmas, thanks for visiting

On June 11 I started my blog, quietly, without fanfare. No one blew trumpets. The world didn’t suddenly rush to read my words in absorbed hush. But in its own way, that was all okay. The anonymity of my blog helped me grow brave (braver), as the months rolled on, and I’d like to think that silence helped me find and grow my ‘blogging’ voice.

What a year it’s been. I made the finals in the RWA First Kiss competition in April; I finished His Brand Of Beautiful at least four ‘official’ times between August and October. I gave the book to a reader friend for feedback, the first time anyone outside an agent/publisher/contest judge had seen it. I joined RWA’s Critique Partners and found Kathy and Kylie; and about mid-November (after the STALI results) I deleted the first scene of the book and began it in an entirely new spot, in November.

Somewhere in there I joined Facebook too, after much deliberation, and I’m loving it. I have the sum total of 15 friends. I started with one (my sister – who never gets on Facebook anyway but at least let me try out my ‘find a friend’ abilities).

And then a wonderful thing happened.

A publisher wrote to me with magic words: “I really enjoyed your book and I want it for our line.”

And the next day: a second publisher emailed me too. And this is the one I’m going to go with because I think we can make a great fit.

But until yesterday I couldn’t help thinking that any moment the world would slap me across the face with its big fishy tail. I was sure the morning would come when I’d check my email and there’d be a note there: “I’m really sorry. I sent you the wrong email. We don’t want your book at all but Merry Christmas… good luck in the future. Keep trying…remember JK Rowling was rejected too…”

The Publishing Contract arrived in my email inbox yesterday, filled with legalese that scares the pants off a pantster like me. So now I have about 19 pages of legal stuff to wade through, but I don’t have as many Negative Nelly doubts. (Just heart palpitations about signing it.)

I wrote on Facebook a few months back that all I wanted for Christmas was: The Call. I didn’t get The Call. I got the email. But my care factor on that isn’t high.

It’s the best Christmas present I could get.

The second best Christmas present is the friends I’ve made this year, and anyone, at anytime (except the Spanish spammers!) who has visited my blog and shared a few minutes of their time with me. Kerrie Paterson (bless her cotton socks) was my 50th commenter on the blog two days ago… My all-time views busted 1000 yesterday. They now sit on 1002. Now I know this is little, but I get a huge kick out of every comment, every visitor, every view. I love reading other blogs and visiting other sites and finding new people who have such fresh ways of saying different (and sometimes the same) things.

I’m so grateful for 2012 and what it’s brought into my life, I couldn’t begin to explain. So I won’t.

Here’s big Christmas wishes to everyone, for peace and happiness and fun with family and friends.

I’ll drink to that! (Not quite yet, though. I haven’t had breakfast…)

6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas, thanks for visiting”

  1. Congratulations, Lily! You’ve had a huge year. I hope Christmas gives you time to kick back and soak up the joy of the achievements – rather than stressing about the legalese!

    I had a read through your blog yesterday (wonder why my re-writing is so slow!?) and it’s great seeing your progress. I especially loved the post about thanking the RWA volunteers. My heart grew when I read how much you enjoy and appreciate Hearts Talk. Thanks!

    Merry Christmas and may 2013 bring you lots of readers, success and words!

    Cate xo

    1. Howdy Cate I think Hearts Talk is brilliant. That ‘Craft Volume’ arrived in my mailbox last week and I think that’s great too. I didn’t even know RWA did that… I feel like RWA constantly over delivers in its offer to members. Have a wonderful Christmas Cate. I am so glad you’re a DIGRIT with me! Cheers, Lily M


    1. Thanks Kerrie. I wish I knew a little more about contracts – what’s standard – what’s negotiable etc etc. My hubby thinks I should just sign as “what’s the worst that can happen…” I’m probably worrying too much about it but there are a lot of horror stories online. But it is all definitely exciting.

      1. Hey Lily,
        You should get onto the e-authors loop in RWA and then you can pick people’s brains. You just send an email to something like e-pal@romanceaustralia… But to get the right address, check out page 2 of any Hearts Talk. Rhian Cahill runs the show and is a legend re publishing knowledge and is pubbed with a few different ones.
        Cate xo

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