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A weekend for firsts

FIRST first: I opened my emails this morning to a request for a FULL of His Brand Of Beautiful, which makes it the first request for a full I’ve ever had. Which means someone read three chapters of my writing and WANTS TO READ MORE… (breathe, remember to breathe). But I’m trying to keep a lid on this, and so I’ll just plough on through to the next first.

SECOND first: I took the plunge last week and joined the RWA Critique Partners member service and I had some lovely back and forth email exchanges with my trial partner on Saturday that resulted in us deciding to share complete manuscripts. Hers is a YA of about 56,000 words… I wonder how she feels at having my 80,000 word contemporary romance thump into the inbox… I hope she’s enjoying it. Above everything I hope that reading it isn’t a chore for her. I’d hate that.

Anyway, I just finished (over lunch) reading the book by my trial partner and have been thinking about my comments and what and how to provide these. I wanted to read the book right through first as a ‘reader’ to make sure I wasn’t tempted to pull out the red pen, because I don’t think red pens are the point of critiquing… And I went back to re-read an old post I wrote about a conversation/comment on Jennifer Crusie’s blog that dealt with critiquing. I subscribe to JC’s theories (err Crusie that is, not Christ).

THIRD first: Today was my son’s first day of pre-school. He looked so cute in his uniform, and he seems so very grown up!

FOURTH first: Home Opens… looks like this Sunday is the first one for us; we have the house looking so spic and span, I don’t think I want to sell it. 🙂

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