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Court and order

My jury service starts today, and I’m on call all month. I’ve been giving myself justice vibes for weeks.

On Friday we had an orientation day at the courts filled with discussions about how real life is not like CSI or Law and Order SVU (which is a shame, I had visions of seeing Elliot from SVU on the witness stand). We were also told not to come home and turn criminal investigator, as in, don’t start researching what we’ve heard all day on Google…

I have my impartial, innocent-until-proven-guilty, hat firmly on.

So my writing will most likely take a backseat this month, unless I take up the offer of bringing my laptop to the court where you’re invited to fill in time waiting with reading or computer work etc. I don’t know how much of a muse I shall find in the jury pool room which was very much grey-beige and not a speck of green to be seen.

We’ve also decided to put our house on the market in the spring. So there’s heaps going on. Lots of open inspections (gah) from October. Hopefully by Christmas we’ll be in a whole new mind-set/environment.

And the good news. The first person to lay eyes on His Brand Of Beautiful, tells me she loves it. She is the friend we visited last month at the Sunshine Coast and I told her then I had just about finished my book. She’s a voracious e-reader of books by Fiona Palmer and Rachael Treasure and I figured if I was ever going to show anyone this book I’d be nuts not to make it Sam.

Here’s what she said.

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! Just finished your book would have finished yesterday but the day was so nice i had to do outside things !
Fantastic loved the characters the outback was great, it didn’t have a slow bit as most books do, I didn’t have to skim read any of it! I didn’t want to miss anything. Great pace, great start loved that!! Yep get that sucker printed!!
Big congrats from me keep me in the loop.
Sam and Moet xxx

(Moet is her dog! I’d hate anyone to think she had to be pissed to enjoy it!)

I’ve sent my first query over the weekend, hopefully I can get it in front of an agent soon and start the rollercoaster…

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