My jury’s out

I collected yesterday’s mail (two very soggy letters – it rained all day) and found a letter that amazed me. I would love to tell you it was from a publisher or something but it had nothing to do with writing!

It was a summons from the Sheriff’s Office in Adelaide for me to do jury duty.

Jury duty! The letter explains I should think of it like winning a lottery… hello! I’d much rather just win the damn lottery thanks.

I have never known anyone who got called for jury duty. Hubby and my sister-in-law who were here when I got the mail also both announced I was the first person they knew who’d been called for jury duty.

I’m fairly freaked out about it. Mostly on the chance that I get called to a case, that I can do it justice. Some things get pretty technical – expert witnesses and all that type of thing, forensics maybe – I hope I’ll understand what’s going on and make the right decisions.

The pressure! As per usual I am probably way overthinking it…

There is a part of me looking forward to it – after all it’s a whole new experience and unless the Sheriff’s Office wants me to win his lottery twice, I’ll probably never get the chance again. But there’s a part of me daunted by the whole thing: what cases might I be required to sit on; what type of things will I hear?

In the meantime while I worry about it, I’m off to buy a lottery ticket!


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