I write stories to make you smile

DSCN5017There is nothing like the excitement of collecting a big box from the post office and knowing that inside are brand new copies of your brand new book.

Water Under The Bridge is out now!

Many authors liken the birth of a book to the birth of a baby and I’m definitely no different. The timeline is almost the same. Possibly my ‘book baby’ is a little premature at about 8 months from the first word falling all raw on the page, to finishing final edits and waving the book on its way to the printing house… but what’s a few weeks here and there in gestation of books and babies?WUTB cover

I’m of the opinion, having got my camera out during the week to take a few snaps of my newborn book, that, again like a having a baby, there is no possible way an author can take a bad photograph of her own book!

So here are a few of mine… one involved me lying on our deck on my back putting my non-existent abs through a crunch as I tried to take the photo. The tradies building the house on the opposite side of the street must have pissed themselves laughing…

We don’t get to do this every day… I count myself incredibly lucky to be on this writing journey and I’m determined to enjoy every moment. The official book launch is on March 1 at Margaret River Bookshop. Fermoy Estate have once again offered me support with supplying beautiful red and white wines for the evening and I’m very much looking forward to sharing the evening with friends, family, and wonderful supportive readers.

xx Lily

WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE is about ex-Olympic swimmer Ella, who has come to Chalk Hill in the Great Southern Region of Western Australia to restart her life. Chalk Hill is a long way from the water and that suits Ella just fine. She’s left the water behind for good. Oceans. Rivers. Lakes. Swimming Pools. Creeks.ย Isn’t it lucky she’s about to meet a man with a very big dam ๐Ÿ™‚

WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE is available on all your favourite e-tailer platforms; and out in print in shops from February 19th.

You can read more about the story and find all the buying linksย here.

That’s why I write stories to make you smile. Otherwise we all go nuts.

Lily all coversbutterfly-magnet

5 thoughts on “I write stories to make you smile”

  1. Ha, that’ll end up in a story for sure! Hope no-one has been poisoned, Mr 8 is okay and the rest of the appliances don’t go out in sympathy ๐Ÿ™‚

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